How to Contribute


Contributions to the DataAnalysisToolkit are always welcome. Whether you’re fixing bugs, adding new features, or improving documentation, your help is appreciated.

Ways to Contribute

  • Code Contributions: Implement new features, fix bugs, or optimize existing code.

  • Documentation: Improve or expand the documentation, write tutorials, or create examples.

  • Bug Reports: Report issues or bugs in the toolkit.

  • Feature Suggestions: Suggest new features or enhancements.

Contribution Process

  1. Fork the Repository: Create a fork of DataAnalysisToolkit on GitHub.

  2. Clone Your Fork: Clone the repository to your local machine.

  3. Create a Branch: Create a new branch for your changes.

  4. Make Changes: Implement your changes, following the project’s coding standards.

  5. Test Your Changes: Ensure your changes pass all tests and add new tests if necessary.

  6. Commit Your Changes: Write clear, concise commit messages.

  7. Push Your Changes: Push your changes to your fork.

  8. Create a Pull Request: Open a pull request from your fork to the main repository.

Code of Conduct

Please follow our Code of Conduct to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all contributors.

Getting Help

If you need help with your contribution, feel free to ask questions on our Community Forum or Discord Channel.

Thank you for considering to contribute to the DataAnalysisToolkit!